Saturday, February 22, 2014

Uninstall flappy bird NOW!

I just saw that the creator of the sensational game ''Flappy Bird'',as well as 7 more people commited suicide due to playing flappy bird!
So the creator of flappy bird,Dong Nguyen was found in his apartment dead!Had a gunshot wound to the head.Also 7 young teenagers did a simmilar thing to this.Some say that they commited suicide due to playing flappy bird.This game,aldo adictive,is deadly!So my recomedation is to erase Flappy bird right NOW,that is,if your life is dear to you.Trust me,I know.I almost broke my phone cuz' of the goddamn game!This game is a serial killer.Uninstall it!!!
this picture says it all:
think about it!

Youtube channel

So i am just going to get it started with no boring story whatsoever.Omg i did it again!Ooops!
Well,I just want to say that if you ever need a minecraft tutorial,or just want to see something game related visit my friends Youtube channel:
Make sure you subscribe to his channel if you like it!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 10 fashion profiles on instagram!

Hi,Jana here.I will tell you my favourite fashion profiles on instagram!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The best dressed-London fashion week!

I will show you a lot of good outfits from London fashion week!

Sada cu vam pokazati puno dobrih outfita sa Londonskog fashion week-a!Uzivajte!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Nokia:the indestructible

You all know the finnish brand of phones NOKIA!The older symbian versions are,by the roumors INDESTRUCTIBLE.Found in the 1865,with the CEO Rista Siilasmaa,make the indestructibles.They are also the first manufacturer of the Smartphone with the Windows 8 operating sistem(later in my posts)I am not sure about the Lumia ones,but the symbians are definetly indestructible.It is because of their small screen that makes the screen unbreakable from falling,but it will break while using i dunno,hammer,car,monster truck,or something even worse.This is how a symbian looks.

HTC one

Hi there!
So I am going to talk to you about HTC one.It's one of the best smartphones of today,infact some call it the BEST IN THE WORLD!Basicly it's the HTC company's best creation.So let's begin with the specs!


So as you probably noticed me will sometimes write on our own language,and sometimes on english.So I want to tell you that,no matter where you're from,you can use a google translate widget on the right side of the blog.You just pick your language,and it will automaticly translate it to your language of choise.We did that so you can follow our tips,but basicly this is for the users that dont know either Serbian or English.
We do all this becouse we <3 you.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

10 namirnica za savrsenu kosu!

10 namirnica za savršenu kosu

Hi,this is post on Serbian,sorry!
Zdravo svima,ovo je drugi post danas.Primila sam e-mail sa molidbom da napisem nesto o negi kose,a veoma dobar tekst sam nasla na elle sajtu!

Bethany Mota for Aeropostale!

I am obsessed with collection Bethany Mota for Aeropostale!
I will show you t-shirts,dresses,jeans...from her collection!
Visit for more!

Friday, February 14, 2014

The best youtube beauty vloggers!

Hi!Jana here!                          HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!                                             
I will show you 14 the best beauty vloggers.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

LG G flex

Sorry we didnt blog in a while,we had school. :(
So today I am going to show you the new phone from LG.Its a revolucionary phone.That is because its the first FLEXIBLE phone!Thats right FLEXIBLE!
So,basicly he has the best Specifications that a smartphone can have.I am going to tell you the specs that I think are important.

Monday, February 10, 2014

App discusion(GMAIL)

Hello,Lazar here.
This is my LAST post for tonight.I am going to talk about a free app for smartphones GMAIL.
Gmail is a free and very usefull app made by google.It is highly eficiant because he can be used for:

App discusion

Hello,Lazar here!
So i am going to do this once a week.App Discusion.Here I am going to discuse about a specific app that,either I chose,or if you want a special,for your app.For that you would have to contact me on our e-mail:
ONLYTEENS033@GMAIL.COM,or in the comment box.Soonly i will start this new topic with our first app:GMAIL
                 Games are like people,but people are also like GAMES!

Top 5 phones(2013-2014,february)

Hello Lazar here!
Now I am going to show you the top 5 smartphones on the market.For me to not stall i shall begin.

Google Nexus 5
He has by now the highest android(4.2.2)with a screen of 5.0 inches,and 2gb of memory installed.Just with those specs,it makes him THE best phone of 2013-2014,february!

Iphone 5s

Hello!Lazar here.I am going to talk about that fameous Iphone 5s.I heard great things,and some not so great.I dont personaly own an Ihpone 5s,but I am going to buy it sooner or later.Now lets get started.
Iphone 5s is a smart phone developed by Apple Inc.He was released on september 20,2013.It was a HUGEEE thing right in the start.It has an app store like all the smartphones,but something special for all the Iphones is the Itunes store.By having that,you can listen and download music fast and free!He has many varianties of design and color.I personaly dont know any 2nd American who doesnt have an Iphone.Who can blame them?Apple products are some of the best in the world.The apple Inc. makes many more things than Iphones,they make lots of other products.

Thank you!

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We sincerely want to thank you for visiting our blog.Just keep on reading cuz' there's gonna be more.
We celebrate our 180 reader and our first comments!
We love you!!!
We <3 U!
Your dress to hack team!
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The best dressed

Hello,Jana here.I will tell you who are the best dressed people on the red carpet.A lot of celebrities are wearing metallic,spots,flowers,stripes...Maybe you will have an idea how to dress for the party,prom...

If you have some idea about what we can write,write to us on our e-mail,or in the comments.

Android Operating sistem

Hello!I am Lazar and i am going to show you the top 5 phones of the 2013-2014,til february.They are all on the operating sistem ANDROID

Contact us!

Hello everybody!
I just want you to know that you can comment on anything,and request anything cuz' nothing is too much to us!Any requests we will be responding in the comment box,or E-mail us on:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The best street styles for New York fashion week!

There were a lot of good outfits.I choose some of them,I hope you like it!
If you have an idea what to write in the next post,write to us at the e-mail or in the comments.
                                                                                                    Team: Dress to hack!

GTA SA cheats

Hello,Lazar here!You all know GTA SA.So i am going to show you the cheats!

Aggressive Drivers
Cheat code: YLTEICZ
All Cars Explode
Cheat code: allcarsgoboom
All Cars Have Nitro
All Green Lights
Cheat code: ZEIIVG
Always Midnight
Beach Party
Cheat code: CIKGCGX
Black Traffic
Cheat code: IOWDLAC
Blow Up All Cars
Cheat code: CPKTNWT
Boats Fly
Cars Float Away When Hit
Cars Fly
Cheat code: RIPAZHA
Chaos Mode
Clear Wanted Level
Cheat code: ASNAEB

Top 5 PC games 2014(february)

Hello,lazar here!
I am going to show you the best top 5 games of 2014,february!

AOE III cheats

Hello lazar here with the first PC game cheats!
I am going to show you the cheats for Age of Empires III.
This is a older game but she is still fun.

Crazy cute boots!

Hi,Jana here.I will show you 10 crazy cute boots that I saw this winter!

Top 5 apps(february)

Hello there!
Lazar here,now I am going to show you the top 5 apps on the market.(Acording to the latest charts in the google play store)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Barcelona fashion week

Hi,Jana is here.How are you?What you gonna do this weekend?I will tell you something about autumn/winter fashion week in Barcelona!

Top 5 android games(February)

Lazar here,the head of the tech team!
Now were going to show to you the Top 5 games for your android phone!


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