Monday, February 10, 2014

Iphone 5s

Hello!Lazar here.I am going to talk about that fameous Iphone 5s.I heard great things,and some not so great.I dont personaly own an Ihpone 5s,but I am going to buy it sooner or later.Now lets get started.
Iphone 5s is a smart phone developed by Apple Inc.He was released on september 20,2013.It was a HUGEEE thing right in the start.It has an app store like all the smartphones,but something special for all the Iphones is the Itunes store.By having that,you can listen and download music fast and free!He has many varianties of design and color.I personaly dont know any 2nd American who doesnt have an Iphone.Who can blame them?Apple products are some of the best in the world.The apple Inc. makes many more things than Iphones,they make lots of other products.

This is one of the Iphone 5s models.You can see everything that a smartphone needs,and more.Now unlike most of the smartphones that use Android operating sistem,the Iphone uses iOS or iOS7.
Here is the link to the original Iphone 5s specs on the APPLE INC. site.
Hope you like this.
                I am sick,sick of GAMING.

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