Monday, February 10, 2014

Android Operating sistem

Hello!I am Lazar and i am going to show you the top 5 phones of the 2013-2014,til february.They are all on the operating sistem ANDROID

As you all know the android operating sistem is the best operating sistem of today.I personaly think that it's usefull in a multiple of scenarios.For example:I was sitting in the bus,of to belgrade and i am bored to death!I just got my ZTE blade G phone with the operating sistem android 4.1.2!I was surfing the net,playing games,and wrote in the kingstone office.So preety much its the best for now.
It was developed by GOOGLE.By the late of the year 2008 on september 28 it was initialized.It just went viral!Soon evryone wanted to build phones with the operating sistem Android.It was the coolest thing in the 2008,2009 and it's still RASING THE ROOF!Boom shaka laka.So if you have any problems with your Android device,just E-mail me on,or register your complain in the comment box below.That's all for now,BYE!
My soul lives for GAMES!
                                     Lazar Simonovic

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Anonymous said...

i love you lazar your advice is awesome,but you said to complain if we have a problem with our phone,can you take this case.
my play store is missing,i looked in the apps it's still there,but there is no me!

Konstantin porfinogenit said...

well look.First to thank you,I'm flattered.Second,yes i can preety much solve any problem related to andorid phones.Look,it happened to me on my Alcatel OT 990.You just need to backup your personal files that you need like contacts or so,and the return to manufactoring settings.It will ask you are you sure,then he will say it cannot be recaled,click yes and dont be afraid.he will shut down and then re-install the android.You dont need anything like internet or WI-FI.It should be back as soon you reset your phone.Tell me how it worked out.Love ya too!

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