Saturday, February 22, 2014

Uninstall flappy bird NOW!

I just saw that the creator of the sensational game ''Flappy Bird'',as well as 7 more people commited suicide due to playing flappy bird!
So the creator of flappy bird,Dong Nguyen was found in his apartment dead!Had a gunshot wound to the head.Also 7 young teenagers did a simmilar thing to this.Some say that they commited suicide due to playing flappy bird.This game,aldo adictive,is deadly!So my recomedation is to erase Flappy bird right NOW,that is,if your life is dear to you.Trust me,I know.I almost broke my phone cuz' of the goddamn game!This game is a serial killer.Uninstall it!!!
this picture says it all:
think about it!

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