Sunday, February 9, 2014

Top 5 apps(february)

Hello there!
Lazar here,now I am going to show you the top 5 apps on the market.(Acording to the latest charts in the google play store)

You all know the fameous free calling and texting programme.Viber is simple to use and it is very usefull.You can just turn on data or use a nearby WI-FI and you can call and text all over the world.It is very usefull and easy to use,for that my grade is 5.

Clean master
The best app to clean your android phone.If you have viruses or you are just to lazy to erase some apps,you just go into the Clean master,do some checking and PRESTO,in the matter of seconds its gone like it was never there.Usefull app.My grade 4.7

I dont know a man who doesnt know what facebook is.For you who dont,Facebook is the gratest social app.You can post pictures,post comments,chat with your friends and many more.I would be the biggest jerk on the planet if I dont give this app a perfect 5.

Simmilar to viber.It's used to contact anybody,or text them all around the world.You just need a stabile net connection.My grade 4.3

The most popular app to see and talk to somebody over the internet.You just need a front camera and you are ready.This is a very popular app not only on android platform,but on the PC too.Very usefull app.My grade 5

This is it for the apps!
If you need anything just ask in the comment box.

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