Friday, February 7, 2014

Top 5 android games(February)

Lazar here,the head of the tech team!
Now were going to show to you the Top 5 games for your android phone!

Flappy Bird
 Flap your wings to fly!
The game is prety easy to play.You just click and the bird will flap her wings,you have to pass through small pases between pipe-like objects.Wery fun.My grade 4.5

The game who just cant get out of the top 5 chart.The fun game simulates a life of a pet-like poo.You can feed him,play with him,dress him and many more.Its Fever like.My grade 5

Subway Surfers
Ruuuuuuuuuuuun!Run from the cops!This game is a dash and jump game so it is preety easy to play.Subway surfers kept their place in the top 5 chart for a year or more.Thrilling game.My grade 3.5
If you are wondering why this grade?Its because  the updates kinda got boring to me.I dont know but i am staying behind my desicion.

My talking tom
Prepare your home beacuse a fury little cat is comming to your home!Tom is your virtual pet.You can feed him,make him go to the bathroom and watch him grow up!Good game. My grade 4.5

Hill Climb Racing
Drive carefully you can do a NECKFLIP!Wicked injuries,mad machines and crazy terains await you in hill climb racing.Its an exiting game.My grade 5

Thats it guys,The Top 5 Android games for your phone!
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