Monday, February 10, 2014

App discusion(GMAIL)

Hello,Lazar here.
This is my LAST post for tonight.I am going to talk about a free app for smartphones GMAIL.
Gmail is a free and very usefull app made by google.It is highly eficiant because he can be used for:

-E(electronic)-mailing anyone in the world
-Sharing videos and pictures to other people
-Activating Facebook,twitter and the rest of the social networks
-Using it to use Blogger for example
And many many more.
If you have anything for me to discuss just contact me and say it.
                                  Til'next time,i'm of to play GAMES!

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Anonymous said...

Lazar,can you write something about you?Where are you come from,how old are you...and janna can write something about her?

Petar Jovancic said...

i agree

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